The Sunshine Pill

With winter on it's way and the hours of darkness getting longer, it's not rare for your mood and energy levels to drop. On top of all this, there are the numerous bugs and viruses circulating which are easily picked up in the winter months.

The solution? Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is often described as the sunshine pill because it is synthesized within you body when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Because only small amounts of Vitamin D are available from your diet (143 eggs = daily recommendation of Vit D), and the lack of sun in the winter, many people will find they are deficient (running low).

The extensive list of benefits from supplementing with vitamin D:

  1. Improves immune system (Prietl et al. 2013)

  2. Improves Bone health (Hill et al. 2013)

  3. Reduces depressive symptoms (Shaffer et al. 2014)

  4. Potentially improves strength (Tomlinson et al. 2015)

  5. Potentially improves fat loss (Ortega et al. 2008)

So unless you spent most of the day outside and in the sun, there is a huge chance you are deficient, and your body will thank you for reading this.

The Vitamin D I use and recommend for my clients is available here:

Use code 'Ambition' for discount.

(As always, there are other companies you can get it from, however I know this source is reliable and reasonably priced).


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