Why a Freddo is better for Weight-loss than a rice cake and toppings.

After doing a poll on Instagram and Facebook asking which is better for weight-loss out of a Freddo and a rice cake with peanut butter and banana, I was glad to see that just over 60% of people chose the Freddo. If that was you, well done! If not, don't worry, I'll explain why you got it wrong.

I know you're probably thinking: "How could eating a chocolate bar as a snack be better for weightloss? They are unhealthy and full of sugar!", and you wouldn't be wrong! However, the answer is very simple: There are fewer calories in a Freddo (95Kcal) than in a rice cake with peanut butter and banana on top (220Kcal).

Now this might seem insignificant, but if this food swap was a daily occurrence, after two months you will have put on 2lbs of fat and if you did this for a whole year, it would be just under a stone of weight gain!

This is a real life example from a client who loved chocolate, but once starting her weight-loss journey, switched to the former option in the hopes of shifting some fat. After a few weeks she was surprised that she had put on weight as she had been 'good'. After digging deeper I found that this food swap (among others) had occurred. Long story short, She can now enjoy her Freddo's and has lost over a stone!

So, the Key points of this article:

1. You can eat chocolate and lose weight!!!

2. Regardless of the content/"healthiness" of the food, it is the calories in them which contribute to your weight loss/gain.

3. Just because something is labelled as healthy or good for you, doesn't mean it is low in calories and will aid in your weight-loss.

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