The REAL truth about Carbs

This is My Review of the BBC's 'The truth about Carbs'.

I will start by saying, if you haven't watch it already, then please don't. Not only will you waste an hour of your life, but you will be watching a uniformed and under-educated (in terms of nutrition) doctor attempt to tell you that Carbohydrates are uniquely fattening.

If you think my dig at doctors' lack of nutritional knowledge is unfair, then take a look at the BBC's own article:

The doctor claims:

That when carbohydrates are broken down into glucose for energy, the glucose is then turned into fat if too many carbs are consumed. This is simply not true on a physiological or practical level....

Carbs can be converted to fat (a process called De Novo Lipogenesis) but this will only occur when our glycogen stores are full. This would require a consumption of 700-900 grams of carbohydrates on consecutive days..... This is equivalent to 37 Potatoes (5KG). (Schutz et al, 2004)

So, what does make you fat?

Excess Calories.... from ANYTHING.... If you are in a calorie surplus, you will gain fat, it does not matter if it is from Fat, Protein or Carbs. If you only ate broccoli but were in a 1000 calorie surplus, you would still gain fat.

To Summarise:

1. Carbohydrates are NOT uniquely fattening.

2. Being in a calorie surplus is what is making you fat

3. To lose fat, you can still eat carbs, but you MUST be in a calorie deficit

4. The BBC does not always give you reliable information... Their job is to make good TV

5. Doctors don't always know everything.

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