Chocolate and Banana Protein Pancakes!

Instead of waiting for pancake day to come around, wait till after your next workout to try this Bad-ass post workout meal!

Perfect combination of high protein and both slow and quick release carbs!

Ingredients: (Roughly 6 pancakes)

2 Bananas

1 cup Oats

1 cup Almond Milk (Or alternative)

1 Tbsp Cacao powder

2 Tbsp Wholemeal flour

2 scoops of protein powder


1 Tbsp Natural Yogurt - Per pancake

Handful of Walnuts

Handful of Strawberry's

All the above can be altered according to taste. Feel free to add or replace anything!


1. Blend/mix the Banana, Oats, Cacao Powder, protein powder and Milk

2. Add Wholemeal Flour if necessary to thicken mix

3. Heat large pan and fry 1 at a time, add a touch of coconut oil each time before frying

Tip - You should flip the pancake once you see air bubbles coming through or after around 30 sec

4. Place on a plate and add toppings!

Nutritional facts: (Including optional ingredients, per half mix)

Calories (Kcal): 615

Protein: 35g

Fat: 19g

Carbohydrates: 80g

of which sugars: 25g - (Yes that's a lot but it's from the fruit which is a natural source. Plus you need to replenish your fuel after that tough workout you just had!)

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