Immediate effects of Training

Lifestyle. ENERGY. Results..... lifestyle and results are pretty self explanatory, but how will starting to exercise and train give you more energy? Surely you'll be expending more energy with all the added exercise and movement? While this is true, I'll tell you about one of the most important and, to some people, surprising effects of training.

One of the first things all of my clients say to me after the first week or so of their training program how much better they feel day to day and how much ENERGY they have. Results can take some time and can easily be tracked whereas the impact that training has on how you feel in your day to day life is immediate and invaluable.

The reasons behind the feeling of increased energy can be due to a number of reasons:

1. You get a release of magic chemicals that make you feel good (like when you eat chocolate)

When you exercise, your body releases lots of endorphins which have been proven to increase mood and provide feelings of well being. These endorphins can also reduce feelings of pain and are great for individuals with depression and anxiety (Dinas et al. 2011). This effect is not only immediate but can last for a few days.

2. You'll sleep better

Studies have shown that exercise can improve both the quality of your sleep and the quantity of your sleep. This is due to the need to restore energy and muscle tissue, increased body temperature and the previously mentioned adenosine release coupled with antidepressant and anxyolytic affects (Lopez, 2008)

3. You'll probably be eating better

Now this is a generalization and should not be taken as fact, but most people. when starting a new training program will have increased motivation and couple the training with better nutritional intake. This is especially true if you have started your new training with a personal trainer... ahem... me.... as they will be able to give input into your nutritional intake to improve your energy levels and health.

So there you have it... If you find yourself constantly exhausted and tired, start exercising and you'll feel energized in no time!

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