Lifting weights, does it make you 'Bulky'?

If I was given £1 for every time I was told by a new client that they did not want to lift weights because they didn't want to look bulky I would be a millionaire.... well maybe not, but I would have a nice pot of beer money! The point is, lots of people are worried about what will happen to their appearance and weight loss progress if they lift weights. Read on an I will explain all!

There is a crazy long list of benefits to weight training, the one that we are going to focus on today is mass (size).

Firstly, you can train muscles for hypertrophy which is to increase their size. Now I know you’re thinking 'But I don't want to increase size!'. It’s not a bad thing I promise! You see, the more muscle you have, the harder you can train.... the harder you can train, the more calories you will burn. In addition to that, the more muscle mass (size) you have, the more calories you will burn - Even when you are sleeping!

When you train for hypertrophy you are effectively breaking down muscle and then making your body rebuild it stronger. Now, this is a lot of hard work for your body and can take a few days. This process requires a lot of energy... so.... unlike low intensity exercise like running, you are burning calories after you've finished training whilst your body works to recover! All this will aid your weight loss.

Now I'll explain that picture. For most people, weight loss is a means to an end.... you want to look better right? What if I told you that you could achieve the image you wanted to without losing weight? Too good to be true? Well sort of.

It will be different for everyone but think about it this way... you weigh 150 pounds.... you lose that 5 pounds of fat from the picture and put on that 5 pounds of muscle. Have you lost any weight? No, you still weigh 150 pounds. Do you look bigger or smaller? Smaller. Why? because muscle has a smaller mass than fat. Not only will it do that but muscle is dense and therefore will give you a 'toned' look!

So, what have we got then? The benefits of weight training when it comes to weight loss:

Increases work capacity

Increases calories burnt all day

Burns calories after you've finished training

Helps lose Fat (but not necessarily weight)

Gives you that 'Toned' look

About time to give it a go, don't you think?

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